how to organize an office wires

How to Organize an Office

Small business owners have a lot on their plates and a lot to balance. In keeping up with the all of the day-to-day tasks, often the aesthetics of a clean desk or organized office seem unimportant in the swing of things. There’s so much to be done! However, we’ve learned before that a cluttered work […]

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telephone etiquette for receptionists

Telephone Etiquette for Receptionists: Asking and Answering Questions

Working as a receptionist comes with the territory of answering a lot of questions. People generally call a business for answers and receptionists should have them prepared for callers. Sometimes a newer receptionist has less familiarity with the proper responses to typical questions. In this case, it’s always great to have a phone script on hand. If […]

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1 psychology of customer service

The Psychology of Customer Service

Customer service is really important to us. We aren’t just interfacing with our own customers, after all. An answering service is a vocal representation of our customer’s customers! It’s our role as virtual receptionists to make sure everyone is delighted.  Some people may think that good customer service is a cut-and-dry thing. Be friendly, right? […]

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