Apollo Answering Service for Attorneys

Apollo Answering Service for Attorneys

Discover Apollo Answering Service for Attorneys and extend your law firm’s potential.

This is more than a traditional, soulless call center. We help underpin your brand and approach to your services with every client interaction, large or small.

Our friendly professional team is dedicated to providing top-notch phone answering services for your law firm. With our answering service for attorneys, we can streamline all of your legal operations, with services including:

· Answering the phone for incoming calls

· Processing client intake details

· Handling appointment scheduling

· And more phone services.

This will save you time, money, and energy as you worry less about missing calls. With Apollo’s virtual receptionist service, we answer every call your business receives.
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You Could Be Losing Clients Without a Professional Legal Answering Service for Attorneys

Smiling business man on phone with Apollo Answering Service for attorneys

For many companies, their telephone is their lifeline to their business's success. If calls are missed, not getting through, or go unanswered, you have lost money, clients, and repeat business.

Running a successful business is challenging. The last thing you need is to start losing clients, business, and money because of your phone system. Has your firm ever experienced these situations?

  • Missed Calls From Potential Clients: Busy lawyers may miss business opportunities, including potential client calls, due to their tight schedule.
  • Unanswered After-Hours Calls: Missed calls from clients outside regular business hours may result in clients seeking new legal counsel.
  • Time-Consuming Call Screening: Screening multiple calls wastes valuable time. Failure to assess urgency quickly leads to difficulty prioritizing important calls.
  • Difficulty Managing Call Volume: High call volume can be overwhelming for law firm staffs leading to missed calls and long wait times for clients.
  • Lack of Professionalism: Hiring untrained phone staff can damage a law firm's image. A professional first impression assures clients of the law firm's competence.

Many potential clients who call a law firm are scared, unsure of their next move, and looking for guidance and help. If clients hit your answering machine or get a busy signal, they won’t try again. They’ll take it as a speed bump toward solving their problem and look elsewhere.

More than anything, a sustainable legal practice is about promptness. A firm must meet clients exactly when and how they want to be met. Immediate attention is atop this practice.

So how do you ensure that your clients get a professional call service without you having to break the bank?

Apollo's Call Answering Service for Attorneys Solves All Your Problems

With a professional legal answering service for lawyers from Apollo Answering Service, your pipeline is supported. Your law firm never has to worry about losing clients due to missed calls ever again! Here’s what you get with Apollo:

  • Prompt and Professional Phone Answering Services for Lawyers: We ensure that all message and clients are responded to promptly and professionally. This can potentially increase the likelihood of capturing new business.
  • No Such Thing as “After Hours”: Our support is available for answering phone calls 24/7, ensuring lawyers are always available for their clients.
  • Personalized Call Screening: Apollo's legal virtual assistants screen calls for lawyers, forwarding only pressing matters while handling routine inquiries and scheduling.
  • Call Volume Not Being an Issue: Law firms can rely on Apollo's virtual phone answering service for lawyers at scale. We are equipped to handle massive call volumes diligently with prompt response, and can even scale during busy seasons.
  • Real People, Not Bots: Apollo’s law firm answering services provides highly trained, live professionals, not script-readers. Our team is capable of handling sensitive law firm calls with utmost care and attention.
  • Time, Energy, and Monetary Savings: We know running a successful legal practice is tasking and time consuming. Let Apollo's live answering service for law firms handle the calls, so you can focus on serving clients.
Lawyer on phone with Apollo Answering Service for attorneys

Increase your law firm's profitability and efficiency with our U.S.-based legal phone answering service.

With seamless call routing to the appropriate legal personnel, we handle it all. We can even provide tailored with prompt follow-ups. With legal answering services from Apollo, we solve the problem of missed connections.

Our professional legal phone answering service for law firms is built to delight. We outshines automated systems by engaging with your customers, answering their queries, and scheduling appointments.

To get started with our legal answering service, book a call with us today.

Here’s How It Works

We provide the best live, virtual assistant legal answering service for law firms at Apollo Answering Service. Here’s how it works in three easy steps:

1. A Potential Client Calls Your Law Firm:

An individual seeking legal expertise eagerly seeks guidance from a professional like you.

They seek expertise, empathy, and exceptional service from a compassionate and knowledgeable professional who can untangle their complications.

2. They Experience the Warmth and Efficiency of Apollo’s Live Legal Receptionists:

Our skilled law firm virtual assistants delight your callers with a welcoming reception, just like in-house staff would.

With Apollo, you get tailor-made law firm call-handling services, following your protocols impeccably.

From client intake to scheduling, we can handle every administrative aspect of your client-facing business. Call transfers to lawyers are our bread and butter. But we also provide prompt email communications and swift text messages to your team. No matter your needs, we’ve got your firm covered.

3. Experience Peace of Mind and Prioritize Your Passion:

Our streamlined law firm answering services take the hassle of communication off your plate.

This allows you devote more time to your clients and better legal work. Apollo takes care of your calls with our professional attorney answering service.

Apollo’s lawyer answering services is the best way to save time and money. Outsourcing your law firm's call management ensures complete coverage and availability. You need not worry about missing calls again.

When you focus on channeling your attention to client satisfaction and growing your business, your firm wins. Let our answering service for attorneys handle the rest.

Book a call with our live answering service experts today and learn how Apollo can transform your legal business.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About Apollo

We can tell you everything there is to know about our services as we prefer our clients to blow our trumpets. Here are some of the many testimonials we have from our satisfied lawyer answering service clients:


This is what an answering service should be like--these virtual receptionists are really courteous, personable, and intelligent. They have good common sense and understand sometimes when people call they are just plain freaked out  (we are a Criminal Law Firm). They understand what an urgent or emergency call is and keep on keep on until they reach one of us.

In addition, they also know my kids and get me right away when one of them calls. I like that.

Our clients love our service--praise them all the time--both new and old.

Apollo Answering Service for attorneys customer Mike Hinton

Mike Hinton

Hinton Bailey, Law Firm

Use Apollo Answering Service for law firms to focus on important business matters. We can handle your calls and daily customer interactions.

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Apollo's Virtual Call Answering Service for Attorneys

A legal answering service has myriad potential benefits for your firm. Here is what you get when you sign up for Apollo’s lawyer answering service:

Live Answer:

Elevate your law firm’s communication with engaging and personalized assistance from our virtual receptionists. Ensure no missed calls or opportunities as our professional, real-life receptionists greet and attend to your callers seamlessly.

24/7 Answering:

Experience seamless business operations around the clock. Our dedicated 24/7 coverage ensures your enterprise thrives even during weekends and holidays — all without additional costs.

Call Transfers and Patching:

Get exceptional call transfers with our live receptionists. This will help ensure your clients are connected to the right individual at the perfect moment. If you’re unavailable, we’ll courteously engage with your caller and obtain a message on your behalf. We can even handle outbound calls if a client conversation is disconnected.


Don’t let unimportant calls disrupt your focus — allow us to handle routine matters for you diligently. All of the details will be promptly and thoroughly captured by our note-takers. We’ll ensure you’re notified at your desired times, keeping your priorities intact.

Email and Text Messaging:

Stay connected like never before with our advanced call notification system. Choose between email or text alerts, or go for both to stay in the loop at all times. With the flexibility to customize instructions for urgent services and daily, routine matters, business becomes smoother. You’ll experience seamless communication and peace of mind.

Bilingual in Spanish and English:

You can communicate seamlessly with your Spanish-speaking clientele through our complimentary Spanish telephone answering services for lawyers. Boasting a virtual receptionist team where at least 50% are bilingual receptionists, we bridge linguistic gaps effectively and professionally.

A New Approach to Attorney Answering Services

Take the worry of missing calls off your plate so you can get down to helping your clients with their legal problems. Click the link below to book a call with Apollo’s law firm answering service and never miss out on a potential client again!