Types of On Call Schedules

For many companies the primary reason they use an answering service is to screen calls. Many calls are routine and can wait until the next business day before responding. In these instances, the answering service takes a message and delivers it to the office, by their method of choice, when the business reopens. The office […]

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resume screening on the computer

Phone Etiquette

Where are your manners? In business and in distant personal affairs, it’s best to always put your best foot forward. This is important in communicating with others in general, but some may feel that phone etiquette and other methods of communicating are a little less intuitive. No worries, we already have a posts about email […]

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annual employee performance review

Millennial Managers: Leveraging Generational Diversity

The internet loves to pick on millennials. They say we’re lazy, entitled narcissists that continue living with their parents further into adulthood than what is the traditional American norm. We’re either unemployed or underemployed. They say we don’t work hard enough to make our college degrees work for us. We’re too emotional. We’re killing napkins, […]

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