annual employee performance review

Millennial Managers: Leveraging Generational Diversity

The internet loves to pick on millennials. They say we’re lazy, entitled narcissists that continue living with their parents further into adulthood than what is the traditional American norm. We’re either unemployed or underemployed. They say we don’t work hard enough to make our college degrees work for us. We’re too emotional. We’re killing napkins, […]

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Telephone Receptionist on Phone

Why Your Telephone Receptionist Is Your Most Important Employee  

In the past decade we’ve seen a trend—a shortsighted overreaction—for companies large and small to phase out their telephone receptionist. In fact, many businesses have foolishly chosen to restrict or even eliminate telephone contact with their customers and prospects. Instead of the telephone, they push callers to other forms of communication, such as email, social […]

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text messaging for answering service messages

4 Reasons to Use Texting for Answering Service Messages

There are many ways to get your messages from your answering service. These include voicemail, email, or a phone call. A fourth option of increasing popularity is text messaging. This offers many benefits to most answering service clients, but it’s especially applicable to trade businesses, such as air-conditioning and plumbing companies. Here are some of […]

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