Need to connect with customers no matter where you are? 

A professional telephone answering service is the solution.

Telephone Answering Service

A professional telephone answering services will grow your bottom line and help systematize operations of your small business. All while saving time and money. 

Cheerfully greeting customers who call your business on the phone, our U.S. Based virtual receptionists have you covered.  No matter where you or your team are,  live virtual receptionists will route calls to the correct person, or take a message and follow up with an email or text message. 

Answering telephones professionally not only dazzles your customers by answering questions, or setting appointments. A telephone answering service also ensures that your customers don't get stuck with an automated answering machine. 

Telephone Answering Service

How Telephone Answering Service Works

Customers in need of help call your small business

Customer Calls Your Business

Your business number rings. Maybe it is  a client, or even a vendor calling. Whoever it is, on the other end of the telephone, they are calling to speak to real live person. Ideally someone who can help answer their questions, solve their problem, or provide a service or product.

Receptionists answering your calls

Cheerfully Answered & Routed

Apollo's Receptionists cheerfully greet your caller, just like your own receptionist. What happens next is up to you. Receptionists will follow your call handling protocol, whether that be to transfer your customer to your sales manager, email your engineer, or text message your bookkeeper.

You can relax know. Your phone calls are covered

Relax & Focus On What Matters

We make sure the call gets processed just as you need it to. Something you no longer have to worry with. Now you can focus on a big proposal for a client, spend time on the product or service your business provides. Better yet just relax, take a vacation. You deserve it. 

300+ Small Business Depend on Apollo For over 50 Years

Best Decision For My Small Business

I had a problem..

Business was great and we kept getting more and more calls each day. As a small business, I realized that there was no way that I could keep up with the demands for my time.

I was trying to make sales calls, manage projects, do my accounting projects and answer the phone too???

I had tried other solutions and just could not find a service that would work well for my needs. I was reluctant at first. But after just a few days of using Apollo Answering Service I realized that I had made one of the best decision for my business!

Apollo has a very knowledgeable staff that gets more and more familiar with my company as each call comes in. They are able to patch the call "Live" to my cell phone and I am not missing any calls now or sending people to voice mail.

I believe in technology, but I do not think that it should answer the phones. I am very pleased with how Apollo has real people taking my calls and creating a solution to my problems. Thank You Apollo for all your hard work!

Jeff Ludy Construction

Telephone Answering Service Features

Live Answer

Calls answered for your small business by a live virtual receptionists. A Real professional receptionists will greet your callers. No more missed calls, or opportunities. 

24/7 Answering

Closed? Never. With 24/7 coverage your business can stay running while you sleep. This includes weekends, and holidays. It doesn't cost extra either. 

Call Transfers & Patching

Telephone calls are transferred to the right person at the right time. Live Receptionists will make sure you are available for the call, if not we return to your caller and take a message. 

Message Taking

Some calls can wait. We can take messages for routine matters, and notify you at your preferred times, so you focus or relax when it is not urgent. 

Email & Text Message

Want to be notified via email or text message about a call? We can do either one, or both.  You can customize instructions for texting your on call person for urgent service and holding routine matters for a daily email. 

Bilingual - Spanish

Customers speak Spanish? We have you covered. We include Spanish telephone answering services at no additional cost.  Bilingual Receptionist's make up at least 50% or our Virtual Receptionist Team. 

What An Answering Service Should Be

This is what an answering Service should be like--these virtual receptionists are really courteous, personable, and intelligent. They have good common sense and understand sometimes when people call they are just plain freaked out. (We are a Criminal Law Firm.) They understand what an urgent or emergency call is and keep on keep on until they reach one of us.

They also know my kids and get me right away when one of them calls. I like that.

Our clients love our service--praise them all the time--both new and old.

Personal, Professional & Enjoyable to Work With

There are many answering services to choose from. I have used a few of them during my 40 years in business. I have always been satisfied with the service and professionalism that the Apollo team provides. All answering services will give you messages, etc. But Apollo is personal, professional, and enjoyable to work with too.

I Got My Nights & Weekends Back

Apollo has taken the burden away from me having to be on call nights and weekends. They have done a very good job. I love Apollo!!!

Mike Hinton Attorney
Allen Schneider Therapist
Sharon Noake HVAC