Apollo Answering Service: Serving Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes Since 1996

Elevating business communication with modern tech, dedicated receptionists, and 24/7 availability: Apollo, where innovation meets personal connection

People: Our Most Cherished Asset

With over half a century of unmatched expertise, our team stands tall on the foundations of comprehensive training and a legacy of consistent coaching, making Apollo not just another answering service but the embodiment of experienced professionalism.

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Diverse Perspectives, One Unified Goal

Echoing the national spirit of unity in diversity, our team brings in fresh perspectives from myriad backgrounds. We have a diverse team of receptionists, which includes people of different shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, experiences, and educations.

From dedicated students to seasoned professionals, every member adds value. Each person is unique, and we encourage their personalities to shine. This means the experiences your customers have with us will be full of flavor — not monotone, not a machine, and certainly not boring. 

Our melting pot of backgrounds guarantees that each interaction is genuine, memorable, and a true representation of the Apollo spirit.

Tailored Coaching on Behalf of Every Client: Our Dedication to Detail

Joining Apollo means more than just hiring a service. With us, it’s a partnership. The meticulous onboarding process we employ for every new client showcases this commitment.

From the proper pronunciation of company names to understanding the intricacies of your business, our aim is to immerse our team in the specifics of what makes your business unique. This ensures that every interaction is informed, insightful, and tailored to represent your brand faithfully.

Bridging Communication Gaps With Bilingual Fluency

Understanding the importance of clear communication, more than 60% of our team is fluent in both English and Spanish. This commitment reflects our proactive approach to ensuring that language is never a barrier between you and your customers.

Ongoing Training: Our Pledge to Excellence

Apollo stands out in our dedication to continuous learning. While every receptionist begins their journey with an intensive six-week coaching program, learning at Apollo is an ongoing process. 

We take great care to understand the unique nuances of client businesses and master a full spectrum of various operations. The Apollo team’s growth never stops. Our driving motivation is that we not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Building Strong Bonds: Beyond Transactions, We Create Meaningful Relationships

At Apollo, relationships matter. Every call we handle is an opportunity to deepen the bond between your business and your customers. The trust our clients place in us is reflected in the intimate knowledge we have about them. 

It’s not just about recognizing voices or recalling account details — it’s about genuinely understanding the unique preferences, needs, and values of each client, making each call feel like it’s going straight to your headquarters.

Why Choose Apollo? Hear From Our Clients

25 Years of Friendly Service

We have used Apollo for over 25 years. The receptionist answering are always pleasant, and notify me quickly about urgent service calls. We continue to use them year after year because of the excellent service.

Should have been with us since the beginning

Apollo is a business saver! You guys should have been part of our organization since the beginning.
Now our clients can communicate with real people as opposite to voice mail. Clients love talking with real people, who are patient and caring and able to listen to their concerns. This streamlines our operation, and keeps things running smoothly.

Clear & Correct Messages

My previous answering service was making too many mistakes, my messages contained numerous errors. My customer's names were misspelled and I was getting incorrect phone numbers. I was losing business and knew I had to make a change. After partnering with Apollo I have been impressed with their performance. My messages are always clear and correct. Often my customers, don't even know their receptionists are not sitting right in my office. I would definitely recommend Apollo Answering Service.

Scott Jones Electrician
Nicole Wilson White HealthCare
Rick Ellis Pest Control

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