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Internal Communication

As a live call answering service, communication is our specialty. Day in, day out, we say hello to the customers of our small business clients, screen calls, and answer questions for them. Though we specialize in communication with the outside world, we don’t stop there. Internal communication is important for all businesses, big or small. […]

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The Psychology of Customer Service

Customer service is really important to us. We aren’t just interfacing with our own customers, after all. An answering service is a vocal representation of our customer’s customers! It’s our role as virtual receptionists to make sure everyone is delighted.  Some people may think that good customer service is a cut-and-dry thing. Be friendly, right? […]

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Negative Online Reviews: What to Do

Surely you always strive to give your customers, clients and anyone who attempts to do business with you the utmost kindness, respect, and quality of service. But, there are times that despite your best efforts, someone may get upset with you or one of your employees. And, unfortunately, in this time, the preferred way for […]

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Business Text Messaging for Customer Service

The need for a wide range in company communication with clients has increased as our of ways to communicate expand. Business text messaging is one way that companies are beginning to suit the preferences for their busy customers. We’ve found that text messaging is an effective and professional way to communicate¬†and we’ve outlined some business […]

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