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How to be a good receptionist in the office and over the phone

How to be a Good Receptionist

Congratulations! You’ve hired a receptionist. It can be a little nerve-wracking having someone new come into the position, especially one as important to a company as a receptionist. Hiring a quality employee for a receptionist position means that you’ve hired the face of a company. You may begin to feel anxious determining if you’ve made […]

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2 why we say hello when answering the phone

Why we say Hello when Answering the Phone

What word is more ubiquitous in the English language as “hello?” Sure, ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ might often be an infant’s first word. But, ‘hello’ is learned quickly thereafter. You can hardly go for a stroll without uttering the word at least once following that. Because of this, it seems that greeting one another with a […]

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Automated Customer Service, has technology replaced people?

Automated Customer Service: A Modern Dilemma

Businesses are turning their backs on traditional phone answering services as technology advances. They’re instead opting to connect your phone call through an automated customer service line, or interactive voice response services. If you don’t already know the term, you know the feeling. You call your bank to resolve an issue and you begin navigating […]

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