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Answering Service Fees Explained: 7 You Haven’t Considered

Your business is growing, and fast. Maybe you’ve come to realize you need a Houston Answering Service. But, which one should you choose? When looking at your options, price is usually a big determining factor. However, Answering service fees vary greatly. In every industry, there are different billing practices, rates, and corresponding products and services. The […]

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Woman answering phone for Awesome Answering Service

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

At Apollo Answering Service, we have a staff of well-trained Virtual Receptionists. We’re available around the clock so that you don’t have to be. You have more time to grow your business when you’re not picking up calls, and we think that’s awesome. What exactly is a Virtual Receptionist? You can expect a Virtual Receptionist to […]

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Answering Services are an essential partner for your small business.

Small Business Answering Service

Answering Service is An Essential Partner For Small BusinessesAs a small business owner, you have an endless job. You’re in charge of the wellbeing of your enterprise and your employees. You’re responsible for satisfying your clients and maintaining a strong reputation in your local community. Like many small business owners, you might be juggling all […]

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Houston Answering Service Call Forwarding Tips

How to Transfer Calls to the Answering Service

In a hurry and need a quick answer to transfer your calls to the answering service or turn on call forwarding? Check out the quick instructions below for call forwarding. For more detailed information about call forwarding from different carrier’s, and how call forward specifically relates to the answering service continue reading.  Universal Call Forwarding Instructions […]

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