Accountant Answering Service

Tax season is upon us!

As someone who crunches numbers day in, day out, an accountant knows better than most that every penny counts. When it’s tax season and calls are rolling in, it’s hard to balance all of those incoming calls. “Which deductions am I eligible for?” “Did I overpay?” No one wants to tip the government, and it seems like everyone at once is depending on you to make sure it isn’t happening. Maybe you can afford the missed revenue, but an accountant answering service is the right plan of action if you want a few more beans to count. It’s probably time to hire an answering service.Tax Season meme

Accountant Answering Service

Keep your concentration on your calculator, because with an answering service, you’ll have a qualified and cheerful virtual receptionist at your fingertips.

What does that mean?

That means twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, you’ll be able to depend on someone to screen your calls, answer to you clients quickly and courteously, and forward the message to you in multiple ways. For calls that’ll need to be addressed right away, we can use call forwarding. It will seem as if a secretary right outside your door answered your calls. But you won’t have to worry about anyone else taking up office space.

If you receive a lot of the same questions, we can provide our virtual receptionists with a list of FAQs so that they’ll be able to answer to your clients needs right away, without disturbing you.Every answering service plan is dependent on your specific needs.

Seasonal Accountant Answering Service

Maybe you don’t have a lot of work to be done throughout the rest of the year, when spend the months of May through December on a beach somewhere warm, and January through April drowned in papers and numbers in your office. If you only need services for this time of year, we offer seasonal plans.

What this all adds up to

Fewer missed calls + better reputation = more money in the bank.

During tax season and year round, an accountant answering service just makes sense.

The pennies add up

No, not cents. You’ll be increasing business by much more than that. And just as well, you’ll be receiving peace of mind from the phones ringing off the hook. Contact a telephone answering service today to receive a customized plan unique to your business needs.

Not an accountant? Find out how an answering service can benefit many businesses.