What is a Virtual Receptionist?

At Apollo Answering Service, we have a staff of well-trained Virtual Receptionists. We’re available around the clock so that you don’t have to be. You have more time to grow your business when you’re not picking up calls, and we think that’s awesome.

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What exactly is a Virtual Receptionist?

You can expect a Virtual Receptionist to assist in all of the ways that a traditional administrative support person would, aside from turning on the coffee maker. Think of an in-office receptionist, then double that. With our team, you’ll have the benefits of a full time staff, without the cost. Whether you’re busy, your team is busy or you don’t yet have a team, you can depend on a Virtual Receptionist to be there. Right when you need them.

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What does a Virtual Receptionist do?

Ultimately, a Virtual Receptionist’s job is to help people. If a caller needs some general questions answered about your business, we’ve got their answer. If they need something more specific or request to talk to you, we can transfer the call directly to you or take down a detailed message that can be sent to you via email or text message.

We also can schedule appointments for you. While our competitors often use complicated software specialized for phone answering services that result in extra costs and wasted time, we have the ability to schedule directly into your Google Calendar. That means less data entry for you, and more time for building your business in other ways. After an appointment is made, we can schedule confirmation calls, ensuring your client will be there, right when you expect them.

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Where can I find one?

No office space left as your business grows? No worries. Virtual Receptionists are not only lower in cost than a full-time staff, they take up considerably less real estate. Our ever-growing team can delight your customers right out of their own home offices. And they do it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Apply this to your small business

If your small business is getting bogged down by too many calls and productivity is suffering, do something! You should consider outsourcing administrative duties to a virtual receptionist. No use in hiring and training new staff or searching for good employees when you can have things like this taken care of by specialists in the business.

Now, give these a try:

If you’re looking to spend more time growing your business than screening calls, you might need a Virtual Receptionist, STAT. Contact our team and get started right away.