Call Answering Service for Startups

Even when you start rakin’ in the dough, things don’t get easier for the creator of a startup. It’s hard to keep up with all of the new tasks that come up once your startup gets some feet. There are many different businesses that should hire an answering service. Having issues answering all of those calls coming in? A call answering service for startups is just the ticket. We find that small businesses and startups benefit from our services the most.

Does my Startup need a receptionist?

Sometimes, as things pick up, an entrepreneur isn’t sure if they need to when to hire an answering service. Customer service jobs at a startup aren’t always easy, and things can go wrong at any minute. A tech startup can have their code break, a presentation needs to be remastered last minute, and you can have an investor suddenly back out last minute, over night. What are you going to do when something bad happens after hours?

Benefits of a call answering service for your startup

There are ways in which your startup can benefit from a call answering service, and there are unexpected benefits of hiring a virtual receptionist. The following are some benefits of a call answering service for startups.


Call answering service for startups

In the early ages of startup, there are often knowledge gaps within a team. Those should be filled as soon as possible when developing the organization. Following that, if your team is still overwhelmed, it is sometimes difficult figuring out what to outsource. In that case, I recommend starting with simple tasks that become to menial for your highly trained staff.

There is much work to be done when building a business. And your team should be focused on just that. Team members should be focused on things like developing the products, marketing materials, coding the online any software or web presence, reaching out to investors…the list goes on! Ultimately, your team should be focused on building revenue and core competencies. NOT administrative tasks. That’s where a call answering service comes in.

Customer Service

It’s important to never miss a phone call because you never know that that call is going to entail. It could be the next big thing or it could be just another daily task. That being said, if you spend all day answering the phone, you’ll never get any work done!

Someone who calls your office line and is directed to a virtual receptionist will assume that the person who answers is a part of your staff. That’s because we ensure that whoever is answering a call for you business will have just the right answers prepared for callers, including scripts and the ability to automatically transfer more important calls directly to you. This is great for branding your business.


Branding is so important, whether you’re trying to find good employees or if you’re aware of a certain niche in which your product or service would be very useful. When you hire a live call answering service available 24/7, you’re giving yourself access to trained professionals who have a cheerful disposition and have the ability to deal with all types of customer situations. Think your business has specific needs? Virtual receptionists are able to read from scripts, make appointments and serve your company as necessary.

Your budding business to be rated, judged, and commented upon online, there’s no doubt about that. There is a platform for customers to have their voice be heard for every industry and ever niche, and that’s where potential customers will go for a recommendation. A quality answering service will represent your company in the best of ways.


If you’re missing calls, you’re missing out on revenue. Don’t be that guy. Virtual receptionists are trained to transfer calls that can translate to a sale directly to you, so that you can land the sale and keep rakin’ in that revenue.


startups hire call answering service

Take note: the highest cost of all when running a business is staffing costs. How will you hire enough people to keep the quality of your business up? Does your quality of life have to suffer in order for you to manage all of the work that is coming your way?

No way! The cost of hiring a virtual receptionist is significantly cheaper than a full time staff member. Especially when you factor in the cost of benefits and overtime. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an employee that is bilingual to man the phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact a call answering service, we’ll cover that for you.