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firing employees

Firing Employees

Ah, firing employees. What many small business owners would consider the hardest part of managing employees. The notion of firing employees isn’t a comfortable one. What about their families? What about paying unemployment? Is there any way out of this? Would better training help? In an ideal world, you would always find good employees and¬†hire […]

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Should You Rehire Former Employees?

Not all good employees that you hire last forever. There are many different reasons why someone could work for you for a time and decide to leave. But does that mean you’ll never see them again? The relationship doesn’t have to be severed just because an employee went on to do other things. But should […]

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screening resumes

Internal Communication

As a live call answering service, communication is our specialty. Day in, day out, we say hello to the customers of our small business clients, screen calls, and answer questions for them. Though we specialize in communication with the outside world, we don’t stop there. Internal communication is important for all businesses, big or small. […]

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resume screening

The Hiring Process: Resume Screening

So, you’re trying to find good employees. Let’s say you’ve posted your job offering on a major site, gone to a job fair and you’ve done the proper advertising for the position. The applications and resumes have come through. A lot of them. How do you go about sorting through job candidates? The hiring process […]

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