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Dazzling Your Small Customers Is Smart.

Trusted by 300+ Small Businesses for over 50 years

Answering Service In Houston TX For Hundreds of Different Businesses.

Live Answering Service Helps Your Small Business Blossom

If you're customer isn't impressed when they call, or have a bad experience they are likely to choose a competitor. Apollo Answering Service, provides businesses live receptionists who Dazzle customers. PLUS we never close. You can rest knowing that you will never miss an important call from a customer even at 2 a.m.

Real People Answering Phones

Cheerful Receptionists Answering Your Calls

Greeting customers with a live voice assures customers you care. What's more is Apollo's Receptionists not only answer calls, but we also get the information you need on each and every call.  Our call handling procedures our tailored specifically to your small business needs. 

Transfer Potential Customers To Your Sales Manager On Cell 

Text Message Your On Call Tech With Emergency Service Calls

Email Account Receivables With Questions About Invoices

Answering Service Anytime Day or Night

Whats better than live cheerful receptionists? Real people who answer your calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We’ve been a preferred answering service for small businesses for over half a century.  You will never miss a call, business never sleeps, and neither do we. 

247 Phone Call Answering Service

Call Answering Service Anytime 24/7 

Yes we are open weekends & holidays! PLUS we don't charge extra for it.

Emergency? Disaster? We will be there for you, anytime on demand.

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Why Choose Apollo? Ask Our Clients.

25 Years of Friendly Service

We have used Apollo for over 25 years. The receptionist answering are always pleasant, and notify me quickly about urgent service calls. We continue to use them year after year because of the excellent service.

Should have been with us since the beginning

Apollo is a business saver! You guys should have been part of our organization since the beginning.
Now our clients can communicate with real people as opposite to voice mail. Clients love talking with real people, who are patient and caring and able to listen to their concerns. This streamlines our operation, and keeps things running smoothly.

Clear & Correct Messages

My previous answering service was making too many mistakes, my messages contained numerous errors. My customer's names were misspelled and I was getting incorrect phone numbers. I was losing business and knew I had to make a change. After partnering with Apollo I have been impressed with their performance. My messages are always clear and correct. Often my customers, don't even know their receptionists are not sitting right in my office. I would definitely recommend Apollo Answering Service.

Scott Jones Electrician
Nicole Wilson White HealthCare
Rick Ellis Pest Control