Does the COVID-19 Crisis have you working remotely or partially staffed?

Receptionists are available to help make this time a little easier for your team and your customers

Hundreds ​of businesses trust Apollo's Receptionists

Answering Service Customers

If you or your team are trying to field calls outside your office system, or with a skeleton crew you may have noticed…

  • Productivity is suffering. Phone calls interrupt the flow of work, especially if they go to the wrong people at the wrong time. 

  • Stress is rising. Times are stressful enough as it is. And an unorganized system for fielding calls remotely isn't helping.

  • Working remotely is a timekeeping nightmare. How do you keep track of the time each employee spends working over the phone?

Fortunately, there's a better way!

phone etiquette

  • Transfer calls to whoever is asked for or transfer certain call types to specific people
  • Send a copy of each request via email instantly
  • Send daily reports to managers or administrators for review and follow up
  • (Coming soon) Transfer calls in a round-robin, keeping the rotation accurate and ensuring everyone on your team pitches in to share the load

Say Hello To Your New Receptionist

Apollo is a Texas-based answering service that’s a one-stop solution for businesses needing to outsource their calls to a team of professionals. Due to coronavirus, many of our clients have already added Daytime answering services to keep their businesses running smoothly.

The best part? Our team has been working remotely for years, so no matter what happens in the coming months, we'll be there to support you.

If you are interested in day time phone answering, call us at 844-872-9800 or click the button below to get started right away.